Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MOTU Volta: CV from an Audio Interface.

An amazing idea from MOTU... a AU plug-in that turns the audio outputs from your digital interface into control voltages for modular synthesis. It's called Volta and can even re-calibrate and tune the most finicky of oscillators onto a perfect 8 octave range. You can create a wide variety of voltages with the precision and resolution of your DAW.

Keyboard scaling - with many types of portamento. Bend up & down range.

Midi controls - Apply any midi control with high resolution interpolation. (no zipper noise)

Envelopes - Hold, Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release. Multiple triggering modes.

Ramp Automation - Draw any shape you need.

LFO - Midi synced, Phase, with symmetry

Trigger Sequencers - Gate your Envelopes

Step Sequencers - Up to 32 steps, any length. Swing & direction modes.

Midi clock signals - route PPQ's to your gear

Cost: Under $200

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